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"This is the story of a woman evolving. Which sometimes can come with a lot of pushback. Country music fans tend to like things in small, edible bites. There’s no doubt that McHone is beautiful, or that she can play well, or that she can write a good song. But now, she’s ready to prove that she has something to say."

-Dive Star Bar  Rachel Hurley

"Carson McHone’s 2015 debut full-length, Goodluck Man, established the native singer-songwriter as one of the capital’s rising country stars, but she’s got broader sights set for her follow-up. She began working with producer Mike McCarthy almost two years ago when he still lived here, and recently finished recording at his new Nashville studio.  It breathed new life into these songs, which pushed in all kinds of different directions. It doesn’t sound like throwback country, because I didn’t want to make that kind of record. Yet it’s not a departure, really. I think it just sounds a little more mature.”

- Doug Freeman Austin Chronicle

The ongoing battle over the soul of country music seems like a necessary activity that tends to overstate the danger that commercialism poses. Time and time again, country music has demonstrated its ability to absorb folk, rock, country-rock, schlock, disco, patriotism and regionalism, and young singers continue to discover new ways to syncretize the music of Williams and Wells with pop without pandering to the let’s-save-country ideologues.

Hailing from ostentatious Austin, Texas, singer Carson McHone is a young country singer who expresses herself through the form while avoiding the formalism that etiolates the work of many country purists. In other words, she controls an aching break into her head voice that marks her as a stone country vocalist, and her 2015 album Goodluck Man brims with tunes that evoke the spirit of early-’70s country without wandering off into retro. McHone has been working on a new album in Nashville with Spoon producer Mike McCarthy — let’s hope it’s commercial as hell.  

- Edd Hurt   Nashville Scene

Margaret Moser of the Austin Chronicle credits the songwriting of the six original tracks on McHone's 2013 EP with a "curve-ball edge…songs such as 'Pale Blues' resonating with the confidence of a veteran"

Under the X in Texas host, Ted Branson of KOOP Radio, assures, "Carson McHone is a breath of fresh air in a town full of Texas songwriters who all try for the sound she was born with and presents confidently in an easy, natural way."  

In 2014, Carson sang on "Chick Singer Badass Rockin" on Ray Wylie Hubbard’s new CD. Of the delivery, he said, “… I wanted a woman Keith Richards sloppy rock thing and she went there like she was him before the blood transfusion…plus she writes songs like her life depends on it…”

Perfect storm of songwriter and vocalist
— Bucket Full of Nails "Goodluck Man" review
Don’t miss McHone, the beauty with a bankroll in her boot, who writes with depth and sings with gritty confidence.
— Kevin Curtin, Austin Chronicle
Especially welcome was guest vocalist Carson McHone, whose turn on ‘Dearly Departed’ evoked memories of Emmylou Harris dueling with Bob Dylan in the latter’s ‘Desire’ era
— John T. Davis, Austin Statesman (on Shakey Graves' ACL taping)