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"‘Carousel’ sees Carson McHone swinging out of her corner of the Texas honky-tonks with the most exciting country record since Margo Price's Midwest Farmer’s Daughter." Line Of best fit

Carousel is an utter and complete success, and will hopefully usher in more moments of high-minded honky tonkin’ in the ever burgeoning world of country and Americana. McHone’s natural and innate talent will help maintain this idealized maturation of the americana movement, both in sound and motif, not all that dissimilar to the revivalists of the American Short Story. If that’s what’s happening to country music, then McHone is carving out her corner, and Carousel is one hell of a head start. - Now/It’s Nashville

"Life is a battlefield of emotions for even the most Stoic and well-adjusted among us....It’s not just the words, but the music of Carson McHone’s Carousel that help create an audio illustration of this emotional battlefield that it’s haunting at times in how well it mirrors our own experiences." saving country music

"McHone's unflinching observations are on brilliant display on her new album Carousel" - Bobbie Jean Sawyer

“(Carousel) sounds like the warmth of a vintage record playing through mahogany speakers” - Kristy Benjamin LadyGUnn magazine

"Carson McHone nods to her honky-tonk past — and pushes beyond it — with the upcoming ‘Carousel’. It’s a coming-of-age album produced by Mike McCarthy, the same man who oversaw more than half of Spoon’s catalog. The result is an LP that ignores the rules of traditional country music, with “Sad” — the lead-off track, driven along by fiddle and electric guitar — gleefully speeding up and slowing down at its own pace. Filled with self-aware lyrics about McHone’s history of heartbreak, this is the sound of an artist making peace with her own unrest."     Robert Crawford     Rolling Stone

“She dives into the idea of sad songs and the false notion that they’re simply written to further someone’s state of misery. She embraces that quivering sorrow. It shapes her vocal tone and cries. She’s smoke billowing into a room. Sadness plays the part of a femme fatale. She’s creeping around the corner waiting to strike.”   Thomas Mooney   Wide Open Country

"(About 'Sad' from the upcoming release "Carousel") A mid-tempo honky-tonk number built on pedal steel, fiddle, and a self-aware take on the hard luck heartbreak that often finds its way into such songs."  Brittney Mckenna      American Songwriter

Margaret Moser of the Austin Chronicle credits the songwriting of the six original tracks on McHone's 2013 EP with a "curve-ball edge…songs such as 'Pale Blues' resonating with the confidence of a veteran" - Austin Chronicle  Margaret Moser

Under the X in Texas host, Ted Branson of KOOP Radio, assures, "Carson McHone is a breath of fresh air in a town full of Texas songwriters who all try for the sound she was born with and presents confidently in an easy, natural way."  

In 2014, Carson sang on "Chick Singer Badass Rockin" on Ray Wylie Hubbard’s new CD. Of the delivery, he said, “… I wanted a woman Keith Richards sloppy rock thing and she went there like she was him before the blood transfusion…plus she writes songs like her life depends on it…”

Perfect storm of songwriter and vocalist
— Bucket Full of Nails "Goodluck Man" review
Don’t miss McHone, the beauty with a bankroll in her boot, who writes with depth and sings with gritty confidence.
— Kevin Curtin, Austin Chronicle
Especially welcome was guest vocalist Carson McHone, whose turn on ‘Dearly Departed’ evoked memories of Emmylou Harris dueling with Bob Dylan in the latter’s ‘Desire’ era
— John T. Davis, Austin Statesman (on Shakey Graves' ACL taping)