Summer Wrap Up

Hello from Nashville!

This summer has been a whirlwind so far, I’ve been all over the country and had the privilege of playing some 
amazing shows. 

The band tours through the midwest were a blast and I think the most incredible venue in the United States may 
be in the middle of nowhere Iowa in a magical barn called Codfish Hollow, where I played back in June with the 
legendary Langhorne Slim.  
If you hadn’t heard of it before, now you know, make the trek and pitch your tent!

Another highlight from the summer tours was Mile of Music Fest in Appleton, Wisconsin.  I was there for a 
little less than a week and played 8 shows all over the downtown strip in all different sorts of venues including 
a chapel, a brewery, a coffee shop, and a campfire at a monastery-turned-recording studio! 

Along with all the touring, on the road and through the air, I’ve been hard at work getting this new album ready 
for release.  
I have some videos in the works that I can’t wait to share! 

Keep a look out for some very exciting announcements!

This week I’m posted up in Nashville and I’ll be playing TONIGHT at The Basement with a full band set from Brennen Leigh and duo set from Rebecca Patek and Melissa Carper (you Austin folk may remember The Carper Family band...). 
Tell your Nashville friends to spread the word!

Carson McHone