Carousel on Rolling Stone's 40 Best Country Albums of 2018

Rolling Stone Magazine included ‘Carousel’ on their “40 Best Country Albums of 2018”.

“Well here’s the deal,” Carson McHone sings at the opening of Carousel, launching head-first into the album’s mournful bit of clever honky-tonk, “Sad.” Through the course of 11 emotive and conversational tracks, McHone lives up to that sort of casual, candid entrance. The singer has spent years on the Austin scene scuffing up floors and stages, and that kind of seasoned authority shows — on moments like the unsettling vulnerability of “Drugs” and the heartbreak call of “Gentle,” where McHone’s warble slides even more solemnly than the steel guitar. There’s a delightful sense of traditionalism within the melodies of Carousel, but she never feels bound to it either. Like on the bare-bones, Gillian Welch-evoking “Spider Song,” which closes the record, McHone knows it’s the words that matter just as much as the packaging. M.M. Rolling Stone

Carson McHone