Carson McHone (2013 EP)

Pale Blues

I still go out at night when I'm feeling alright

and Ill dance around with the boys downtown

but oh Babe, you know those dancing shoes, been giving me the blues,

'cause Honey honestly I just want to dance with you


I've got the pale blues form missing you

I don't know what to do I've got the pale blues

it's not that I can't see through this misery 

I just want you here with me


On the rise and fall of your chest was where I got my rest

but you been out of town and the clock it stares me down so then

I turn my lights down low and dream you right back home

but every dawn's the same, I always wake alone


You know I float just like a swan through this crowded pond

I've got my feathers preened, I've been stretching my wings

but folks they like what they seen, they say they got what I need

they tell me not to believe you're coming back for me


So my window panes are lately full of rain

but still a heat beats through, and in the late afternoon

I've found a deeper love for you, only found through the blues

but I won't wait too long, so hurry home real soon



Mr. Caine

His teeth are flashing white like the sun bleached bones along the road

and though there's rust in his smile he seems so enchanting for a while

And he'll take you by the hand but he doesn't really want to be your friend

then he'll whisper in your ear, singing "Come on home tonight with me my dear"


Mr. Caine, Mr. Caine

why do you call out my name?

Mr. Caine, Mr. Caine

Why can't you let me be just for today?


He'll throw you atop his big white mare, he'll let you ride up front and hold the reins

'cause he's got his ways, that Mr. Caine, of drawing you in to play his games

So you're riding fast all through the night, just you and Mr. Caine in the moonlight

but when the morning it does break, you'll find yourself alone with bones that ache


But when the stars come out again, I get the feeling that there's something that I lack

My lips as red as the sun is bright, and I've painted my eyes black as the night

So with a lantern in my hand, you can find me squinting through the corners dim

And it's Mr. Caine I'm looking for, somehow he always leaves me begging him for more



Egg Song

When I woke up this morning I did not get out of bed,

instead I sent my brain fishing down inside my head

The night before seemed bait enough, thought I might just catch a thought or two

but when I pulled my line aboard I found the hook bit right in two


Now I'm yelling at the wind for blowing, crying at the creek for flowing

all the while I know it's me to blame

The whiskey it don't drink itself, the mind it don't just change itself,

I don't always have to answer to my name


Some say that they saw Jesus when they looked into her face,

but I think it's something all her own I see a much deeper grace

Now some will hang their heads in prayer, some will speak in feathered verse,

still the course of life won't change and death it is no curse


Still I'm yelling at the wind for blowing, crying at the creek for flowing,

all the while just staring through her eyes,

searching for the light inside or something I might recognize

but I guess that she already said goodbye


Have you ever seen the anger of a frying egg?

How when it's trapped inside a pan it'll crack itself instead?

Now the suicide is out of spite for it sees there is no escape

and you're left yourself denied the yolk that your teeth wanted so badly to break


And now yelling at the wind for blowing, crying at the creek for flowing,

all the while I know I'll get my fill

Should have kept the heat down low and burning, but I guess I'm still jut learning

cursing at an egg already spilled



Ol' Lucifer

When the devil woke up this morning he must've had me on his mind

for he sent the pounding dawn to wake me most unkind

First I heard a fowl crow far away, the call it was so faint,

then the piercing of those eastern rays like a trident stirred me fully awake


I dreamt last night I found myself waiting at your door

another woman she did answer saying "Don't come 'round no more"

When I was then roused from my dream it's memory lingered on

now I find myself doubting you with the calling of the dawn


Don't make me wait, don't hesitate

tell me true just what you should

Is this a trick of the light, or would you leave me if you could?


Now no one wants to hear they're crazy Baby, but please tell me now that I am

for my heart's aflame with a fiery pain won't you cool it if you can

And there are beads of sweat upon my brown but Honey I ain't done with you

for if there's truth in dream your heart is black and then mine in turn'd be blue


Some they say Ol' Lucifer he fell misunderstood 

and that in fact he sheds his light upon the truth just like he should

But with the sun quite high I'm still unsure is he friend or is he foe?

Is this seed of doubt the devil's deed or is that something I should know?


Are you a wolf in sheepskin clothes?

When the rooster he did crow

did he mean to wake me so?

I've got to know, I've got to know



Pale Disguise

Take my hand, don’t mind the rough touch

I’ll play a fast tune so that no one will cry

Just close your eyes, and buy me some time

I know what you’re thinking but I’m doing just fine


My blouse falls loose and my soles are worn through

my knuckles are red and my jeans are torn too

I’ve got a layer of filth I don’t care to wash off

Could you hold me close and pretend that I’m soft


Tempt in the night and regret in the morn

Forlorn are my eyes and my body is worn

I just need a good chair and a view for my mind

a clean hour or two for to catch up with time


The mirror late at night shows a snake behind my eyes

A jealous stranger in a pale disguise

she’s looking for a line, a lyric, or a dime

but really, she’s just wasting time


So just take my hand, don’t mind the rough touch

I’ll play a fast tune so that no one will cry

Just close your eyes, and buy me some time

I know what you’re thinking but I’m doing just fine



Hey Darlin'

Hey Darlin' when you leave don't say goodbye to me

just walk out in the morning light and leave me to the hum of the fan

and I'll remember for the sake of remembering,

an unbound man


Hey Darlin' when you leave don't say goodbye to me

'cause when jealousy and pride, like us, the two they become intertwined,

one's bound to leave the other in the end unsatisfied


Hey Darlin' when you leave don't say goodbye to me

don't you struggle with a speech only to muddle all the words that you sang

leave the space in between us for a song, that I can sing


Hey Darlin' when you leave don't say goodbye to me

'cause I can see it coming, I can see you going and my voice is giving out, don't you know

and I'll have nothing left to say but leave the lights out when you go



Goodluck Man (2015)

City Cry

I’m getting packed now honey, grab your shoes,

let’s hit the road, lose them downtown blues,

let’s go our where the sun does shine and where we cannot hear the city cry


This city’s one big town of folks scrambling around,

on their knees each day to make end meet,

but up above their sighs are only graying skies,

they don’t ever seem to make it to their feet.


And in the shadow of this cityscape it’s easy to lose face,

for a bad idea sure goes a long, long way,

so like pennies to a wishing well I ride this carousel,

but the painted ponies never change their place.


Let go hungry for a while, just living by the miles,

two strays howling at an open sky,

we’ll go sniffing out the towns just like a couple hounds,

and the motels want to sing us lullabies. 


Our worries be long gone, we will sing no lonesome song,

and the buzzards they will wave as we go by,

for their shadows have no place, and our dreams they can’t erase,

we’ll let them circle other people’s minds.  


We’ll pit our frames against the wind, where there’s no one to offend,

and as for the dust, we’ll let it cleanse us of our shame,

there are no secrets to the sunshine, so we’ll not idly spend her time,

instead we’ll ask her to relieve us of our names


So as strangers then, we’ll roam, and the highway will atone

for the doors we locked beneath the city haze

and we will open up our lungs, and no longer tie our tongues

and if we find the key we'll bring it back someday  



Maybe They’re Just Really Good Friends

Maybe they’re just really good friends

but if not I guess I’ll just pretend

that she means no more than me to him

after all, they’re only friends


And maybe when he lies it’s just because

he don’t want to spoil me with love

and I know it ain’t real if it ain’t rough

after all, it’s out of love


But sometimes I’ll hear the ringing of the phone

and with his answer a sudden change in tone

a subtle smile through his voice I hear

that drops down to a whisper when I near

and suddenly I see it all so clearly


But maybe they’re just really good friends

and if not I guess I’ll just pretend

that she means no more than me to him

after all, they’re only friends...



Your sleeve cuffs are worn and they're riding up your arm

you whisper words that no one else can hear

and behind your troubled eyes you seem to want the time to stay

but somehow you'll always disappear


I don't think it's so much that you're lost

you just don't seem to want to know the way

but with calloused hands you'll keep a hold somehow

to that wind as it's pulling you away


You won't be back but I won't worry too much,

you say you've learned to get along

In some ways you just don't got the patience to stay

and in other you're already too far gone

anyway I know you won't be back


Tell us apart by the lines across your face 

that seem to say you've lived the end of many lives

And you do your best to keep up with the leaving souls,

so you can sing their last good byes


You've been singing past the end of your breath,

pretty soon your feet'll move you right along

and this place'll simply cease to be a memory

you won't remember why you ever stayed so long


You're leaving now and you won't be back,

it's just your time to move along,

In some ways you just don't got the patience to stay

and in others you've already passed me by

anyway I know you won't be back

but I can see you've learned to get along


Gentle with My Mind

My broken heart won't play gentle with my mind

so every night I find myself thinking of you

but I'm only playing games, I bet my heart against my brain,

and every time I lose


In all your songs you sang of leaving

yet my heart kept me believing 

that by some stroke of luck you might stay

Somewhere our flame lingers on

but it no longer keeps me warm

for you are gone, love is so far away


Now your memory's black and white,

how sentimental and how trite 

of me to paint your picture this way

But in this dark and lonely room

no shade can quite match these blues

so I'll let all the colors fade to gray


So on this barstool here I sit

with all the candles dimly lit

while the jukebox plays all the wrong songs

and I wonder if these tunes

do the same thing to you

for I'm lost in my head before long


I know I told you I don't cry, 

but Honey you know that's a lie,

so in my dreams you're wiping my eyes

then you'll ask me for this dance

and for another second chance

but then I wake only to find…


Dram Shop Gal

He said be my gal, my soap and water gal,

someone who'll keep me from downtown

But I still like to do my runnin’ round,

so it couldn't be, I would not be bound


Sometimes the night is like a nasty drug,

the way it do me, is just like a hug,

it wraps me in a warm embrace,

leaves me hunting more than just a taste


I'm a dram shop gal, I like my spinning ‘round

I’m just a dram shop gal, spin me round


I don't trust no man that slick back his hair,

though he may be a millionaire,

he got sticky hands, and too much time,

leave me to wonder how he made that dime


But I'm a dram shop gal, I need my spinning ‘round,

so I'll be your dram shop gal if you’ll spin me round


Good times they come but are bound to go

and how long you got 'em, you'll never know

So don't dance too slow, don't think too loud,

the band that's playin’ likes a rowdy crowd


I'm a dram shop gal, so spin me round

I’m just a dram shop gal, spin me ‘round


He said be my gal, my soap and water gal,

someone who'll keep me from downtown

But I'm a dram shop gal, like my spinning ‘round,

I'm just a dram shop gal, I'll only spin you round



Bouquet of flowers tied up with twine,

plucked for a vase, for days may shine

but petals wilt as tears are wept

and leaves that fall, away are swept


Somewhere across distant plains

rise words that never were exchanged

forgiving rain, oh won’t you fall

let me lover hear my call


Laughing shadow upon my stride,

while I do stumble, you seem to glide

And though I run I can’t escape, 

the sun insists you keep your pace


I long to quench a hunger deep 

but no desire have I to eat

A ghostlike muse I’m bound to chase,

seems satisfaction I cannot taste


Ain’t You Lucky (I Love Being Lonely)

Each night you go out on the town, 

can’t tell me just when you’ll be home

you claim you’re just dancing, but I know you’re romancing 

yet patient I wait all alone


You got sweethearts all over this town

and each thinks you’re a good hearted man

but your secret I share although you’re not aware

and I’ll keep it as long as I can


Ain’t you lucky, ain’t you lucky, lucky that I love being lonely

Ain’t it swell, ain’t it swell, swell that I don’t ever cry

Ain’t it sweet that I buy all your cruel, cruel lies

Ain’t you lucky, aint you lucky, lucky that I love being lonely


Well Honey I’m holding my breath

as the flames from your lyin’ grow higher

but I have in my hand the end of a brand 

and the iron grows hot in that fire


GTDB (Good Time Daddy Blues)

My good timin’ daddy, he don't treat me right,

he just comes 'round when he wants and he leaves when he likes


Now if I had me any sense, I'd simply cut him loose,

but he done wrapped around my heart something like a noose


But if the change in my pocket could buy me some more of your time

Darlin' you know I'd spend every last nickel and dime,

but I'm broke as it were and this amount just won't suffice


So I got myself a heart that just can't keep from being blue

And when you leave me lonesome it’s pining for you


So I call you on the line but your twang's gone outta tune

you been gone so very long you got me howlin' at the moon


You can ride you a pony, you can drive you a truck

but if you don't feed 'em right well you’ll be clean outta luck


So I'mma give that man a little piece of my mind 

tell him he best be sticking ‘round or else he’s wasting my time


My good timin’ daddy, he don't treat me right, 

he just come 'round when he want and he leaves when he likes


How Bout It

How bout being young,

How bout being old,

How bout wanting something warm just to hold you when you're cold

how bout take me in your arms tonight and feel

the ways I fold


Choosing teams to play the game

but as fate would have it they forgot my name

So now I'm barefoot on the blacktop 

but it smells like it might rain

tell me friend have you ever felt this way?


Upon the hour, the clock will chime,

you can hear her laughing all the time

But it ain't really funny 

She can't help the things she knows

she's tired of telling all the same old jokes


I made a wish, and it's just for you

I went outside and I found you the moon

But you dropped it in your pocket

you foolish little boy

don't you know it wasn't like those other coins?


How bout being young,

How bout being old,

How bout wanting something warm just to hold you when you're cold

How bout calling someone's name and hearing nothing in return

how bout reaching for the iron just to feel it burn

How bout forgetting all the things you learn despite what you've been told

how bout take me in your arms tonight and feel

the ways I fold


How bout this, I've got the blues,

got this feeling in my bones I can't refuse

There's lots of wanting in this world

that someone's gotta do

tonight I guess I like the looks of you


Goodluck Man

I got me a goodluck man

but he's got this way of hiding

he's got a pretty memory

but sometimes he needs reminding

I have tried, I have tried to find him


Now he don't paint but if he could

said he'd paint me right beside him

and from the angle of my olive eyes

you could tell that I was smiling

I don't blame, I don't blame him for trying


Forgiveness is a funny word

we use when we are lying,

and we give ourselves a heavy dose,

just to keep from crying

Can't you see, can't you see that it's blinding


Simple is as simple does

and beauty is deceiving

Sweeter is the melody 

you're humming as you're leaving

One more time I will choose to believe him